Build Analytics Project Portfolio

Complete skill-based learning projects with Industry Experts at companies based in Silicon Valley, New York and around the world

Data Science & Analytics ๐Ÿ“Š + ๐Ÿ“ˆ

Participants of the Data Science & Analytics Virtual Internship Program will explore concepts, tools and libraries used to solve Data Science, Data Engineering (ETL), Analytics, Visualisation and Machine Learning Projects

Digital User Experience ๐Ÿ–ฅ๏ธ + ๐Ÿ“ฑ

Digital User Experience & Product Design program Paticipants will work at the intersection of the design and development of user centric products or services; and the emergent trend of data driven organization adopting machine learning to better understand costumers

Technology Cloud & Blockchain โ˜๏ธ + ษƒ

Participants of the Technology, Cloud and Blockchain program will explore what are the cloud and data infrastructures that new apps and services require to meet the challenges of the third industrial revolution (AI, VR, IoT, Robotics & Virtual Machines)

How To Apply?

โœ… Set up User Profile

Set up a user profile e.g. Students with little to no practical work experiece, or Professionals aspiring to start a new role.

โœ… Select Career Track

Personalize a Practicum Learning Profileยฎ and confirm a career track e.g. Data Science & Analytics, User Experience Design or Technology Cloud & Blockchain.

โœ… Schedule Interview

Submit a skill-assessment to the Education Program Managers. Upon review of the results, invitations will be sent to attend an interview and a separate program orientation via Zoom Meeting.

Free Mentoring Program via IG @PodcastEDLive with UX Design, Data Science & Analytics, Technology & Cloud Computing, Machine Learning and AI Industry Experts

About Practicum Digital

Analytics, Digital & Technology Programs Structure

Practicum Digital offers an adaptive program where participants can complete remotely a practicum, which is a capstone project, at a Partner Organization or receive offers of employment. The Analytics, Digital and Technology programs can be completed part-time and full-time.

Practicum Digital is a Virtual Internship Program in Data Science & Analytics, User Experience Design and Technology Cloud & Blockchain. The Platform matches Program Participants with training, mentoring, and skill-based projects including referrals for job placements. Find personalized learning analytics and data services for Program Participants, Education and Recruiting Partners.

How It Works?

โœ… Practicum Learner Profile ยฎ

Create a Practicum Learner Profile ยฎ based on a leaning style, individual preferences, and learning needs to smooth the learning curve, while adapting to preferred learning content and delivery options.

โœ… Personalized Learning Roadmap

Design a Personalized Learning Roadmap based on the most prevalent dimensions curated from Individual Learning Plans and available Practicum Virtual Program options.

โœ… Personalized Recommendations

Recieve Personalized Recommendations, Industry Professionals Insights, Self-regulated Learning, Mentoring and Job Coaching from Partner Organizations.

About Virtual Internship Program

8-Week Virtual Internship or 12-Week Virtual Apprenticeship

The Virtual Internship Program in Analytics, Digital and Technology is no E-Learning. All program participants actually contribute to individual, and group skill- based assignments while collaborating with Educators, Mentoring and Recruiting Partners in Silicon Valley, New York and around the world.

About The Educational Podcast

@PodcastEDLive with Industry Experts

The PodcastEDLive is an interview stream cast for career start in data science, machine learning or technology hosted and led by the Participants of the Virtal Internship Porgam.

The podcast platform offers them access to discussions and knwoledge sharing while addressing careers or professional skills related topics to mentors and industry experts.

Open Internships Across the United States


Analytics, Digital & Technology Careers

The Virtual Internship Program (VIP) includes blended learning modules with a practicum capstone project. All virtual programs are adaptive to individual careers goals and offer a practical approach to learn critical skills in Analytics, Digital & Technology.

Adaptive Learning

We offer flexible learner-centric career options and immersive skill-based projects with experienced mentoring partners or industry experts:

Career Options

A: Data Science & Analytics ๐Ÿ“Š + ๐Ÿ“ˆ

  • Master the skills required to understand Data Science Analytics and how to build a portfolio of projects within 8 to 12 weeks.

  • Learn fundamental tools such as Python and its libraries including Scikit-Learn, XGBoost, Jupyter Notebook, and SQL.

B: Digital User Experience ๐Ÿ–ฅ๏ธ + ๐Ÿ“ฑ

  • Master the skills required to understand Front End Development & User Experience Design and build a portfolio of projects within 8 to 12 weeks.

  • Learn fundamental languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and tools processes involved in developing and publishing websites including Git and Webpack to configure projects.

C: Technology Cloud & Blockchain โ˜๏ธ + ษƒ

  • Master the skills required to understand Digital Technology & Web Development and build a portfolio of projects within 8 to 12 weeks.

  • Learn the fundamentals to create an API and control the logic of server interactions, including Node.js and SQL.

Product Development UX/UI

Social Media Digital Marketing

Sales Automation Customer Success

App Design iOS & Android

Cryptocurrency Blockchain

Data Visualization Analytics

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning

Natural Language Generation


Become a Partner

We are looking for Recruiting, Mentoring and Advertising Partners to support the Program Participants in the development of their Analytics, Digital and Technology skills.

We are seeking Partner Organizations who can host an 8- to 12-week virtual internship in one or more of the following domains: Analytics, Digital or Technology. Please fill out the Recruiting Partner Form.

Participants Demographics

Audience Overview

  • 100+ Countries

  • 15,000+ Unique Users

  • 53,000+ Unique Page Views

  • 02:30 Average Session Duration

Demographic Overview - Career Change

  • Age 18-24: 53%

  • Age 25-34: 30%

  • Age 35-44: 10%

  • Women: 41%

  • Men: 59%

Users Overview - Career Change

  • FT Participants: 58%

  • PT Participants: 42%

How participants in a career transition prefer to learn new skills?

  • Online course (82%)

  • Guided excercise with Instructor (73%)

  • Independent project work (75%)

  • Interactive workshop (62%)

  • Lectures (41%)

  • Testing (39%)

What preferred skills are they pursuing to acquire or interested in?

  • Data Analytics & Visualization (78%)

  • Machine Learning & AI (75%)

  • Digital Marketing (26%)

  • UX Product Design (21%)

  • Customer Success (14%)

  • Sales Automation (9%)

Recruiting Partners

Mentoring Partners

Advertising Partners


Hours Expert Networks


Happy Clients To-Date


Client Partner Projects


Participants Cohort Size


Virtual Internship Program V. Real-life Experience

The 8-week VIP (Internships) and 12-week VIP (Apprenticeships) help Learners become Earners by matching candidates with one of our Client Partner Organizations. We deliver to Participants who complete the Virtual Internship Program, LinkedIn Endorsements, Employer Certifications and Accredited Diplomas.

Personalized Learning

We offer 3 personalized learning options including one free virtual mentoring plan.

Learning Options

Option A: Virtual Mentorship

Are your looking for a flexible and self-regulated learning option? If you can dedicate up to 2-hour per week the Bi-weekly Mentorships is the right option for you.

Format: Bi-weekly Flex Schedule

Option B: Virtual Internship

Are your looking for a structured and practical learning option? If you can dedicate about 10-hour per week the 8-week Internship is the right option for you.

Format: 8-week Block Schedule

Option C: Virtual Apprenticeship

Are your looking for a structured and practical learning option? If you can dedicate at least 20-hour per week the 12-week Apprenticeship is the righ option for you.

Format: 12-week Block Schedule

Virtual Mentorship


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Virtual Internship

8 Weeks

* * *


Skill-based Projects

Accredited Diplomas

Shared Support Services

Virtual Apprenticeship

12 Weeks

* * *


Skill-based Projects

Accredited Diplomas

Career Job Placement


Dedicated Support Services

Learners and Participants Worldwide

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