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Build a work portfolio based on real life business use cases from anywhere with industry practitioners

What We Do!

Practicum Digital (Remote) is Virtual Program in Data Science & Analytics, User Experience Design, and Technology Cloud & Blockchain.

Digital User Experience πŸ–₯️ + πŸ“±

Paticipants of the Digital User Experience & Product Design Virtual Program work at the intersection of the design of user centric products, and the emergent trend of data driven organization adopting analytics to better understand costumers

Data Science & Analytics πŸ“Š + πŸ“ˆ

Participants of the Data Science & Analytics Virtual Program explore concepts, software programming and libraries used to solve business problems using Analytics, Data Science, Data Engineering (ETL), Visualisation and Machine Learning

Technology Cloud & Blockchain ☁️ + Ιƒ

Participants of the Technology, Cloud and Blockchain Virtual Program explore the cloud infracstructure, and data pipelines that new apps require to meet the challenges of the third industrial revolution (AI, VR, IoT, Robotics & Virtual Machines)

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Participants Cohort Size

How We Work!

Participants access education and mentoring resources when joining the freemium membership. A premium member is eligible for support, personalized 1:1 mentoring, and certifications.

Virtual Mentorship

Stage #1: Onboarding

Virtual Mentorship

Duration 2-4 Weeks





Virtual Internship

Stage #2: Sandbox

Virtual Internship

Duration: 8-12 Weeks




Skill-based Projects


Accredited Diplomas


Shared Support Services

Virtual Apprenticeship

Stage #3: Capstone

Virtual Apprenticeship

Duration: 12-18 Weeks




Skill-based Projects


Accredited Diplomas


Career Job Placement




Dedicated Support Services

Why Members Join!

Benefits: Personalized

The virtual program can be completed full-time or part-time. Its curriculmum includes modules organized in stages. Achievements are measured progressively by completing the assessments and the assignments as defined at each stages:

Benefits: Adaptive

Participants can start the Virtual Program at anytime. Each cohort groups are organized in learning stages these include blended learning modules with a practicum capstone project. Participants must select a primary domain of focus from the three available program specializations or career tracks.


How It Works?

βœ” Set up User Profile

βœ” Select Career Track

βœ” Schedule Interview

βœ” Create Learning Profile

βœ” Create Learning Project

βœ” Rate Learning Outcome

Mentoring Program

βœ” Educational Mentoring Program #MeMyselfAndAI (Podcast Series 2020-):

The mentoring program is an interview stream cast for career starters in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence hosted and led by the Participants of the Virtal Internship Porgam.

This educational podcast was initially created in 2019 as part of program engagement outreach. We launched the concept on SoundCloud in January 2020 (see creator timestamp on SoundCloud).

The pilot and first season's episodes were only available to the program participants. We decided to distribute the content of the podcast series to the public via in its second season.

Sample Episode:

Virtual Program

βœ” Virtual Program Options

  • Access freemium mentoring support to Virtual Program Level I: 2-week Mentorship

  • Access premium mentoring support to Virtual Program Level II: 8-week Internship

  • Access premium mentoring support to Virtual Program Level III: 12-week Apprenticeship

Sample Demo Day:

Virtual Program Level 1: How Virtual Mentorships work?

Are your looking for a flexible and self-regulated learning option?

If you can dedicate up to 2 hours per week the Bi-weekly Mentorship is the right option for you.

  • Format: Bi-weekly Flex Schedule

  • Duration: Min. 2 Weeks (Max. 4 Weeks)

Virtual Program Level 2: How Virtual Internships work?

Are your looking for a structured and practical learning option?

If you can dedicate about 10-20 hours per week the 8-week Internship is the right option for you.

  • Format: 8-week Block Schedule

  • Duration: Min. 8 Weeks (Max. 12 Weeks)

Virtual Program Level 3: How Virtual Apprenticeships work?

Are your looking for a structured and practical learning option?

If you can dedicate at least 10-20 hours per week the 12-week Apprenticeship is the right option for you.

  • Format: 12-week Block Schedule

  • Duration: Min. 12 Weeks (Max.16 Weeks)

Virtual Program Alumni: What is Delivered after completion?

  • 1:1 and Group Mentoring

  • 1:1 Coaching

  • LinkedIn Endorsements

  • Reference Letters

  • Certification of Achievements

  • Accredited Diplomas

Flexible Memberships

  • Level 1: Virtual Program including 2-Week Mentorship and an 'Onboarding' Module *

  • Level 2: Virtual Program including 8-Week Internship and a 'Sandbox' Module

  • Level 3: Virtual Program including 12-Week Apprenticeship and a 'Capstone' Module

  • Alumni in good standing from all Virtual Program Options are eligible for referrals to 'Job Placements'

*Level 1 module is free, N/A to Levels 2-3

Educator Partnerships

Our platform offers access to Mentoring and Education Partners to support program participants in the development of their Analytics, Digital and Cloud Technology skills.

Industry Partnerships

  • Our platform offers access to a network of client partner projects.

  • Client partner organizations host an 8- to 12-week remote placement in one or more of the following domains:

  • Analytics, Digital or Cloud Technology.

Learning Content Preferences

  • Data Analytics & Visualization (78%)

  • Machine Learning & AI (75%)

  • Digital Marketing (26%)

  • UX Product Design (21%)

  • Customer Success (14%)

  • Sales Automation (9%)

Learning Deliver Preferences

  • Online course (82%)

  • Guided excercise with Instructor (73%)

  • Independent project work (75%)

  • Interactive workshop (62%)

  • Lectures (41%)

  • Testing (39%)

Learning Audience Outreach

  • 165+ Countries

  • 22,000+ Unique Users

  • 80,000+ Unique Page Views

  • 02:10 Average Session Duration

Learning Audience Overview

  • FT Participants: 58%

  • PT Participants: 42%

Learning Demographic Overview

  • Age 18-24: 53%

  • Age 25-34: 30%

  • Age 35-44: 10%

Learning Diversity Overview

  • Women: 44%

  • Men: 56%

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